Here are just a few of the many reasons that you should put the recruiters at Search America to work for you.

1. Founded in 1992, Search America has a track record of success and a wide network of contacts that we can put to work for your company. We have data base of candidates that has been developed since our inception. 

2. Our team of recruiters has an average of 20 years of experience in the markets they serve.

3. Each of our recruiters is a specialist in their particular industry. They have spent many years and countless hours developing contacts and market knowledge in their field.

4. With our contingency search option there is no cost to review resumes or interview candidates. We only charge a fee when a candidate we refer is hired and starts work. 

5. We prescreen and thoroughly reference all candidates to make sure they fit your needs before you spend your time interviewing.

6. We prequalify all candidates with regard to compensation to make sure they fit within your stated salary range.

7. We sell your opportunity to the candidates that you want to target.

8. We go directly to the top performers who are currently working for your competition. These are generally people who don’t answer ads in the paper, internet, etc..

9. We speak your language and can quickly understand and identify your needs.

10. We help you fill your opening as quickly as possible with the best possible candidate. This saves you the hidden expense of long vacancies and filling the same position repeatedly.

*Give us a call or quick email to describe the position you want to fill and the exact candidate and experience you need. We will discuss with you our fee arrangement and how we can best serve your company. Then sit back and see what happens when you put the team at Search America to work for you. We think you might be surprised, as many others have in the past, at the positive results we can produce. The nice thing is that you have nothing to lose. We will only send you an invoice after you have interviewed, made an 
offer and the candidate accepts and starts work.

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